After School Club

There will be up to 8 staff on duty for the after school session - Lorraine Buckley is the Manager and the Designated Safeguarding Lead. Any queries can be addressed directly to her. The Deputy Manager is Sarah Dinsdale and is responsible for the day to day running of Club. Sarah is also Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, as is Lynne Dalziel. Other staff working on a rota basis will be Michelle, Valerie, Angie, Debbie and Yvonne, Rhiannon, James, Sudi and Sarah P.

The staff child ratio is 1:8 for children aged 8 and under and 1:10 for older children. In total, we have a team of 17 playworkers. After school sessions cost £5.50 for a part time session (3.10pm - 4.15pm) or £9.00 for the full session (3.10pm - 6.30pm).

For after school sessions, the younger children will be collected personally from class and the older children will make their own way there.

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Breakfast Club

There will be up to 4 staff on duty for the breakfast session – Michelle, Sheila, Kay and Val. Breakfast sessions cost £5.50 and are open from 7.30am.

Holiday Clubs

We also run a very successful two week Summer Club, usually during the first two weeks of the summer break, and a four or five day Easter Club, which is also extremely popular. We have also introduced half term clubs which will take place in the October and February half terms and will run Monday - Thursday in both weeks. Sessions run from 10am-4pm and cost £16.00. We also offer early and late wrap around sessions which cost £4.50 each and run from 8.30am -10am or 4pm - 5.30pm. Children will need to bring 'nut and sesame free' packed lunches and clearly named, weather dependant clothing. Please see our 'book a place' page for information on how to book.